1. What color is the best color for a horse?

Horses can come in several colors, and their colors tell you a lot about their breed. The breed that you choose, however, does not entirely determine the performance of your horse. You can choose from these breeds though, which are quite common: Bray, Chestnut, or perhaps the Seal Brown Horse.

2. Do horses survive in the winter?

Of course they do. There are, however, a few guidelines which you must remember to take care of them during the winter. The key that you must remember in taking care of your horse in the winter is to ensure that your horse’s surroundings are ‘winterized,’ so to speak.

3. How do you winterize the stable of the horse?

To winterize the stable, it basically means to make the stable a horse-friendly place to stay while your horse is indoors and the cold winter is harsh in the outdoors. When preparing the stable or barn for winter, ensure that the horse's quarters are clean, warm, well ventilated, and free from drafts. Clean bedding is a priority, so you should prioritize regular changes of the bedding. Remove anything that might injure or tempt the horse, such as low-hanging lights, nails sticking out, toxic cleaning substances, etc.

4. Can I ride my horse out in the winter?

Yes, you definitely can. You simply have to have enough common sense to be able to determine whether or not the conditions outside are favorable and doable for you or not. Most likely, if you think you cannot handle it, then neither can your horse.

5. How do I take extra care of my horse in these winter rides?

Pay extra close attention to your horse’s hooves. Mud buildup in the hooves can cause serious thrush infections. Well-trimmed hooves additionally have a better grip on icy surfaces than neglected hooves do. If your area necessitates it, you should also invest in a hoof pick to take with you on rides.

6. What are the kinds of rides?

There are several kinds of ways to ride your horse. First, there’s the English way of riding. Then, there’s also what’s called the Western way of riding. And third, there’s the endurance type of ride.